zondag 6 mei 2012

Wallace op zondag

We zijn hier altijd meer dan in de mood voor een fijne portie "Wallace op zondag"! Vandaag: Wallace Stevens reads So & So Reclining on Her Couch. Via de goeie zorgen, wat had je gedacht, van onze vrienden van You tube. De tekst zelf is her en der op het net vinden... Dat is bijvoorbeeld hier, bij John Gallaher  ("Nothing to Say & Saying It") het geval!

So-And-So Reclining on Her Couch
Wallace Stevens

On her side, reclining on her elbow.
This mechanism, this apparition,
Suppose we call it Projection A.

She floats in air at the level of
The eye, completely anonymous,
Born, as she was, at twenty-one,

Without lineage or language, only
The curving of her hip, as motionless gesture,
Eyes dripping blue, so much to learn.

If just above her head there hung,
Suspended in air, the slightest crown
Of Gothic prong and practick bright,

The suspension, as in solid space,
The suspending hand withdrawn, would be
An invisible gesture. Let this be called

Projection B. To get at the thing
Without gestures is to get at it as
Idea. She floats in the contention, the flux

Between the thing as idea and
The idea as thing. She is half who made her.
This is the final Projection C.

The arrangement contains the desire of
The artist. But one confides in what has no
Concealed creator. One walks easily

The unpainted shore, accepts the world
As anything but sculpture. Good-bye
Mrs. Pappadopoulos, and thanks.

Wallace Stevens

Extern: WallaceStevens.com (met pijnlijk veel blauw) & Wallace op Wikipedia

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